There are an awful lot of shower accessories littering the marketplace, so much so that knowing which to choose can be quite a chore. Shower liners are obviously one of the most important; you want to make sure you get one that keeps the water out of your floor to insure your safety whenever you step out. You’ll also be more likely to keep your bathroom free of mildew without an excess of water around. In order to help you make the right choice, here’s a list containing 5 of the best shower liners available:

1 – mDesign’s PEVA 3G

First up, mDesign’s PEVA 3G shower liners come in packs of 2 that will only set you back around $10 overall. They are free of any PVC material, and their manufacturing process is completely environmentally safe. That means no weird chemical smells or risk of toxic components to worry about. These are available in clear, navy, smoke, and sand colors, all of which are classy, utilitarian choices as far as the style goes. They have a length of 72 by 72 inches, giving you plenty of coverage for your average shower.

2 – InterDesign PEVA 3 Gauge

InterDesign’s shower liners are only one to a pack, but their cost is fairly wallet friendly at a mere $6.50. They are incredibly soft and yet still resistant to the likes of mold and mildew, and they even have water proof functionality built right in. There are no PVC materials used here either, and they will also remain odorless. This model is available in 54 by 78 inch, 72 by 72 inch, as well as 72 by 84 inch, and they come in colors such as clear, frost, lavender, navy, smoke, sand, and white.

3 – LiBa PEVA Liner

Another of the best shower liners is LiBa’s PEVA mildew resistant model. Your choices are limited to clear or frosted with a 72 by 72 inch length, but you get much of the same quality as the choices above for just under $9. This liner is totally anti bacterial, non toxic, and even rust proof on the grommets!

4 – Utopia Bedding’s 10 Gauge Liner

Utopia Bedding makes a heavy duty 10 gauge liner that sells for just over $12. They even have a money back guarantee if you happen to be unsatisfied with the product after a month of use. This liner is also water proof, anti bacterial, and totally mildew resistant. You don’t get much in the way of color options here, but the durability will more than make up for that particular aesthetic shortcoming.

5 – Epica Heavy Duty Liner

Finally, Epica’s shower liners are another incredibly resilient option in the $15 range. There is a guarantee that mildew or bacteria can’t live on the vinyl material, and you can keep it clean by merely running some Clorox wipes along it on occasion. This is another “function over style” option, and you can only get it in the standard 72 by 72 inch size, but as far as liners that will last, this is a fine choice all around.

Finding the right fabric shower curtain for your particular needs can be quite challenging. There is the bathroom theme to take into consideration as well as the style of material that will best fit your needs as well as your budget. There are a variety of sizes, styles and colors available and finding the one that best suits your bathroom decor can be tricky.

Once you have decided the theme you are going with it will be easier to choose the material you are going to use. It is important to keep in mind the following three points when choosing the shower curtain for your bathroom:
Does it provide adequate privacy?
Will it keep water off the floor?
Is it easy to take care of?

Here are a few options when it comes to fabric shower curtains:

Synthetic Shower Curtains

When it comes to fabric shower curtains the most affordable material options are synthetic shower curtains. The one downside is they are man made but they are easier to maintain and sometimes last longer than natural materials. Synthetics are popular due to their water repellent properties which avoid mildew which can bring about health issues such as allergies and mildew.

Most of the shower curtains available are made up of nylon, polyester or a polyester/cotton mix all of which are man made. Here are some pros and cons of polyester shower curtains:

Very easy to find and purchase.
They come in many styles, patterns and colors.
They are generally aesthetically appealing.
They are resistant to mildew, creasing and shrinking.
They are easy to recycle.
They are waterproof (generally).
You can use the dryer to dry them.
They even air dry really fast being as they do not absorb moisture.
They are not flammable and like many untreated natural fabrics polyester does not easily ignite.

They are man made and synthetic.
They are not eco friendly
The feel is not luxurious as natural fabrics are

Pros and Cons of Natural Fabrics Such As Cotton and Linen Shower Curtains

It is a natural fabric.
They come in a variety of weaves and thickness as well as prints and colors.
They have a softer feel than synthetic materials.
They generally look very luxurious.
Many times matching towels will be included.
They are eco-friendly products.

They are more expensive than synthetic materials.
Water absorption is very quick.
Not water repellent.
They take a long time to dry.
They can incubate mildew and mold.
Not easy to take care of.
If not properly washed and dry they drastically shrink.
You have to hang them up to dry.
They have no defense against stains, bacteria and fungi.
Hard water will leave brown stains.
They crease very easily.
Proper bathroom ventilation will be a must to prevent mildew.
Due to their water absorption you will be met with puddles of water when getting out of the shower.
Not only are they more flammable than synthetic materials but the easily ignite and burn really fast.
Most are coated with some kind of waterproofing which requires chemicals.

Keep in mind that most fabric shower curtain issues can easily be resolved by installing a quality shower curtain liner. This not only protects your shower curtain but also makes it easier to maintain. As mentioned there are a variety of fabric shower curtains to choose from so take the time to see what works best for your decor, time and budget.

New Shower Curtains And Shower Liners Can Update Your Bathroom For Very Little Cost

Is your bathroom in need of a makeover, but you are limited on funds? You can inexpensively brighten and update a bathroom by changing the shower curtains and shower liners. With very little investment, you can completely change the look of your bathroom just by adding a new shower curtain and liner.

Shower curtains and even liners are available in a variety of colors and designs. A fabric shower curtain or liner can sometimes be difficult to clean, so be sure and check the cleaning instructions before you make the purchase. There are several good reasons to replace your old, mildewed shower curtain or liner.

First, a new shower curtain or liner will help keep your bathroom dry. This prevents mildew as well as wet bathroom tiles which can be very slippery. If you choose a fabric shower curtain, be sure to add a fabric liner as well to keep the water inside the shower. A fabric liner also helps keep your fabric shower curtain cleaner resulting in less cleaning and maintenance.

A new shower curtain and liner can also help keep your bathroom clean and sanitized. If your shower curtain or liner is moldy or mildewed, it is time to replace it. Mildew is a type of mold that often develops on shower curtains and liners and it can cause respiratory problems if not removed.

There are also ways to clean a shower curtain or liner so it does not need to be replaced. This can be a good option for those who cannot afford to purchase new curtains or liners or who would rather reuse and recycle items so they do not end up in a landfill. If your shower curtain or liner is mildewed, it is not difficult to remove the mildew and clean the curtain or liner.

Most shower curtains and liners can be machine washed with warm water. Set the washer on the gentle cycle and use the biggest load setting possible. Add about one-half the usual laundry soap, along with three-quarters of a cup of bleach. Also, add a half cup of white vinegar. Allow this to all mix together while you remove the shower curtain and liner from the shower hooks.

When the washing machine is almost completely filled, put in your shower curtain or liner. Insert the curtain or liner bottom first since this is usually where the mildew will be heaviest. You may also want to add a few white towels to help “scrub” the mildew off the curtain or liner. Once the cycle is complete, promptly remove the curtain or liner and straighten it out. Be careful about dripping water.

Now, you can either hang up the curtain or liner to dry outside or hang it back in the shower. You can also dry it in the dryer, but be careful to check the manufacturer’s specifications before doing so. Some shower curtain or liner materials should not be dried in a dryer.

Replacing your shower curtains and shower liners is a great way to update and freshen your bathroom. If replacement is not possible, it is easy to clean a shower curtain and liner by machine washing it.